Promoting Knowledge and Appreciation of
Asian Arts
Promoting Knowledge and Appreciation of
Asian Arts
Promoting Knowledge and Appreciation of
Asian Arts
Promoting Knowledge and Appreciation of
Asian Arts

Welcome to TAASA

Established in 1991, The Asian Arts Society of Australia (TAASA) is an association dedicated to promoting knowledge and appreciation of Asian visual, applied and performance arts.

Join TAASA and our community of experts, art collectors and enthusiasts as we share our interests in the arts and culture of Asia.

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TAASA offers a wide range of activities for members and guests including symposia, lectures, previews of exhibitions and auctions, curator-led gallery visits, specialist study groups and social events.

TAASA Review

Discover TAASA’s quarterly journal, offering lively contributions by experts, collectors and curators covering all aspects of the Asian arts, as well as keeping readers in touch with current exhibitions and events.

Latest Issue

Welcome to TAASA Review’s 2023 Vietnam issue. This year is the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Australia, and we hope this publication encourages more interest in Vietnam and relationship-building endeavours. There are so many research perspectives with valuable stories waiting to be shared.

Video Lecture Library

Refresh your memory or access lectures you’ve missed by viewing past TAASA talks in our Video Lecture Library from leading experts in their field.

Study Groups

TAASA’s specialist study groups meet on a regular basis and are open to all members for in-depth study in a relaxed, social and collaborative environment.

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