Dedicated Followers of Fashion

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Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Indonesian Headhunters

Introduction to the “Decorated Body” Lecture Series

This series will focus on the manner in which the body was/can be decorated. This includes, but is not restricted to: dress and undress, accessories, body modification such as make-up (e.g. war paint), tattoos, scarification, hairstyling etc within the broader Asian region.


Dedicated Followers of Fashion: Indonesian Headhunters

Headhunting in Indonesia was not a sport or an act of war but this ritualised act marked a man’s transition into adulthood. He believed that the life force of his enemies could make him stronger. Most of this life force was located inside the human head, thus by acquiring the head of an enemy, continuity of clan and fertility of plants and animals was recurred. This presentation considers the identity creation of the headhunter through sartorial means and how some of his accoutrements still take powerful positions in today’s society.


Marianne Hulsbosch lectured for many years at the University of Sydney. She has extensive experience in lecturing in visual arts, design and textiles education at national and international levels. For her PhD in Creative Arts Marianne explored dress and identity construction in a colonial context. Marianne’ selected publications are: Pointy Shoes and Pith Helmets (2014), Leiden: Brill; Rites of Passage and Rituals in Indonesia; Cross-Dressing in Indonesia; Colonial Influence on the Sarong in Java In J. B. Eicher (Ed.), The Berg Encyclopaedia of World Dress and Fashion. (2010) (Vol. 4), Oxford: Berg Fashion Library Ltd. and Asian Material Culture (2009), Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Her current research interest is in visual culture, and she continues to play with textile materials, processes and contextual sites. She is the owner of SoulStitchingStudio Sydney where she conducts textile workshops to raise funds for NSW Women’s Community Shelters.

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7 March, 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm AEDT
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