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The Asian Arts Society of Australia Inc. (TAASA) provides a forum for enthusiasts and experts to share their interests in, and pursue the study of a wide range of arts from the entire Asian region.

TAASA was formed in 1991. It is a national body promoting the knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of Asian architecture, painting, sculpture, textiles and ceramics, music, dance and film. It is also concerned with the impact of Asian art forms on the development of the arts of other cultures, including Australian.

TAASA’s activities are designed to complement those of public museums, art galleries and educational institutions. Active focus groups reflecting members' interests and inviting their involvement are based in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Gill Green 
President TAASA

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TAASA Committee

Gill Green • PRESIDENT
Art historian specialising in Cambodian culture

Art historian with a particular interest in Vietnam

Todd Sunderman • TREASURER
Former Asian antique dealer, with a particular interest in Tibetan furniture

Dy Andreasen - SECRETARY
Has special interest in Japanese haiku and tanka poetry

Hwei-fe’n Cheah
Visiting Fellow, School of Cultural Inquiry, Australian National University.

Matt Cox
Assistant Curator, Asian Art, Art Gallery of NSW.

Charlotte Galloway
Lecturer Asian Art History and Curatorial Studies, Australian National University, with a special interest in the Buddhist Art of Myanmar

Josefa Green
General editor of TAASA Review. Collector of Chinese ceramics, with long-standing interest in East Asian art as student and traveller

Ann Guild
Former Director of the Embroiders Guild (UK)

Min-Jung Kim
Curator of Asian Arts & Design at the Powerhouse Museum

Yukie Sato
Former Vice President of the Oriental Ceramic Society of the Philippines with wide-ranging interest in Asian art and culture

Susan Scollay
Is an art historian and curator specialising in the arts of Islam and in historic textiles. She is Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of the UK

Christina Sumner
Principal Curator, Design and Society, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Margaret White
Former President and Advisor of the Friends of Museums, Singapore, with special interest in Southeast Asian art, ceramics and textiles

State Representatives:

Australian Capital Territory

Melanie Eastburn
Curator of Asian Art, National Gallery of Australia


Russell Storer
Curatorial Manager, Asian and Pacific Art, Queensland Art Gallery

South Australia

James Bennett
Curator of Asian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia


Carol Cains
Curator Asian Art, National Gallery of Victoria International

The 14th century Japanese Negoro lacquer basin (16.5 x 33.4cm) featured to the left on our home page and other pages of the TAASA website is from the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, presented through the Art Foundation of Victoria by Mr S.Baillieu Myer, founder benefactor, 1985.

Figurine of Siva, South India, Vijayanagara period 1600s.

Gift of Alastair Morrison 2003

Collection Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

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